Eating Disorders
Emotional Eating, Anorexia, Bulimia,
Compulsive Overeating, Binge Eating Disorder

We all have a relationship to food.   We eat to survive.  But we
also eat to affirm life, relationships, family, celebrations and other
rites of passage.  Food represents love, community and culture.
Eating Disorders are symptoms of a relationship with self that is distorted and a
relationship with food that is destructive.  Destructive relationships with food run
the spectrum from emotional eating to severe cases of anorexia, bulimia,
compulsive overeating, and binge eating disorder.  
Honestly addressing body image, self esteem, thought patterns, habitual
behaviors, family-of-origin and current relationships is the key to restoring
healthy eating, productive social and work relationships, and the ability to love
ourselves unconditionally.


How food is used in your family - as comfort, reward, punishment, to avoid
communication or conflict - influences your relationship to eating and to food.  
Magazines, commercials, television and movies tell you that an unrealistically
thin body is the key to happiness.  A traumatic experience causes you to turn to
food as the one thing that can't hurt you. Ironically and unfortunately, an Eating
Disorder begins as a friend but always becomes an enemy.  
It takes courage and commitment to make the decision to recover from an
Eating Disorder.  Recovery involves changing behaviors, feeling painful
emotions, learning to communicate and to deal with conflict without using your
Eating Disorder.  
Since Eating Disorders are complex and embedded in habits, relationships,
experiences, memories, family systems and culture, they require a holistic and
integrated team approach.   Why and how you use food must be addressed at
all levels: nutritional, behavioral, psychological, emotional and spiritual.

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Wright Counseling provides you with the tools to transform a negative body image
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Wright Counseling provides a comprehensive approach to loving yourself from the      
inside out.
Imagine life without your Eating Disorder?  Being free to make choices, take risks,
concentrate on work and engage in loving relationships without constantly battling the
negative voice of an Eating Disorder?  When you leave an Eating Disorder behind, you
are free to live, laugh, and love.
Imagine that ...