Wright Counseling Seattle
3245 Fairview Ave E, Suite 310 B
Seattle, WA 98102
(206) 229-5583

Services Provided

  • Individual, Couple, Family & Group Therapy
  • Life Coaching
  • Leadership Building
  • Referrals
  • Consultation & Coordination with Other Healthcare Providers
  • Confidential Free 20 minute First Contact Consultation

All issues discussed with me in the course of our work
together are strictly confidential subject to state and federal
law.  I will do whatever is within my professional power to
safeguard your communications  with me and to uphold your
trust in the confidentiality of our relationship
      About First Contact, Initial Interview, Payment & Cancellation Policy

  Free 20 minute Consultation
  Call (206) 229-5583 to schedule your free first consultation.

  • The initial interview  is typically longer than the usual 45-50 minute session as
    it includes filling out paperwork, discussing expectations and treatment
    goals.  I do not charge for the first 15 minutes of this first session during
    which time, in addition to paperwork, you can ask me questions about any
    aspect of treatment.

  • Out of Pocket Fees:  For clients not using insurance, the fee for the initial 70
    minute intake/assessment is $175.   The fee for a 60 minute session is
    $140.00.   The fee for a 45-50 minute session is $110.   I will work with clients
    on a time-limited negotiated fee basis, depending on the client's financial

  • I am currently paneled with Aetna, Premera Bluecross, Regence Blueshield,
    and First Choice.  Many insurance providers have specialized coverage
    depending on your plan.  It is your responsibility to determine whether I am in
    your network, and what your deductible and co-pays are prior to your first

  • Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance of a scheduled appointment
    to avoid being charged.