What Professional Coaches and Therapists say about Alexandra Wright

                            Our background as leadership consultants qualifies us to recommend Wright Counseling
                            as a strong and viable firm.  Alexandra Wright has the personal and professional presence
                            as well as requisite skills to provide clients with much needed services. She exhibits grace
                            and compassion, and inspires trust and confidence.  Her ability to understand and address
                            the needs of very different kinds of people makes her an excellent counselor and life coach.
                            I  highly recommend Alexandra Wright to individuals who are looking for a credentialed and
                            professional counselor to improve their communication and conflict resolution skills, work/
                            life balance, and maximize their personal potential.

                                                         Susan Bixler
                                                         CEO, Bixler Consulting Group

I have worked with Alexandra Wright in a number of capacities including:  group
                             co-facilitator, case consultation and public speaking.  Alexandra is a skilled group
                             facilitator, attuned to the nuances of interpersonal communication and group dynamics
                             while remaining attentive to individual members' needs.  In case consultation, she
                             gives and receives consultation carefully, ethically and responsibly.  In a field that can
                             reach crisis proportions, she manages to keep the big picture in mind, maintaining a
                             calm, balanced approach in order to give thoughtful consideration to each situation.  
                             I have observed Alexandra to be a relaxed, confident public speaker who engages her
                             audience with a sense of purpose and humor.  Alexandra is a lateral thinker whose
                             interactive group presentations engage and stimulate.  It is my pleasure to give Wright
                             Counseling and Alexandra Wright my highest recommendation.

Clinical Director, Treatment Center


Alexandra Wright's orientation is to build upon strengths, which gives clients the motivation
                            and energy to address self-defeating behaviors.  While the field of positive psychology is
                            relatively new, it has always been Alexandra's way in the world.  Clients I have referred to
                            Alexandra have reported back to me the gains they have made with her.  I myself have
                            consulted and continue to consult with her on cases.  Not only has she consistently provided
                            me with fresh insights and unique ways to help my clients, but encouraged me in my own
                            career aspirations.  Alexandra's instincts are unusually accurate.  She has honed these
                            instincts with education, experience and cultivation of her natural ability to transform distress
                            into empowered action.  Wright Counseling is a logical outcome of Alexandra's personal
                            and professional growth.  I wholeheartedly endorse Alexandra Wright as an ethical
                            individual, as a businesswoman, as a counselor and as a life coach.

                                                               Professional Colleague